This seminar is the testimony of Debbie who was once a dweller of the deepest, darkest, dankest pit of despair and failure, and when empowered by Godís love finds freedom. Once a vibrant, intelligent, happy, go-lucky, always smiling, A+ kind of girl with high morals and ethics, and a wonderful husband and good marriage, Debbie found herself, in her early thirties, due to circumstances beyond her control, feeling lifeless (without a life or purpose). Her smile disappeared for months, let alone laughter in her life. Worthlessness, uselessness, and helplessness became her companions as she became a dweller of the pit of despair/depression, and with little hope and imprisoned by isolation and seclusion, she fought suicidal thoughts almost daily.

This is where Debbie, a young Christian, really met Jesus. Over several years, He nourished and comforted, instructed and lead her step by step, supplying her with the knowledge and understanding as well as strengthened her through his love to scale the walls of the pit, and practice living the life He wanted for her; not the one based on fear, failure and the false sense of security she had known, but one with the very foundation in His love and Romans 8:28 (And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose).

Debbie still suffers effects of Manic Depressive illness, but has freedom from the pit of despair. God has given her a new life through Christ Jesus. Her testimony/seminar is that journey to freedom!