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The Wilderness Journey:  A Path to Overflowing Hope; the New Day

Download The Path to Overflowing Hope; the New Day,  in PDF Format

Download His Words of Comfort, Love and Hope Overflowing, in PDF Format

 Deprogramming and Reprogramming Our Hearts, Minds and Souls

 A Stressbusting, Relationship Empowering, Christ-Centered Testimony of God's Unfailing Love ♥Discover Your Strengths, Strongholds and Defenses ♥ Embrace Your God-Given Rights

Learn To Set Boundaries ♥Face Conflict & Confrontation With Confidence

Download the Deprogramming and Reprogramming Seminar in PDF Format

NewPencilPractical Prepping God's Way

Download Practical Prepping Gods Way (Revised 10/22/2016)

Download Hind's Feet on High Places Bible Study Booklet

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Debbie's Personal Testimony

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                                                                                                                          Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger…. James 1:19 RSV

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