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* FEMA Fallout Shelter Plans to Build Your Own Fallout Shelter * (01/10/2020)

 A YouTube Interview with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, an Expert on EMP and North Korea Threats - "Christmas Gift" (01/05/2020)


 REMINDER!   As we see tensions rising between Israel and Iran - a writing dated 10/15/2009,  “...What you will see develop as two nations erupt into battle will cause much concern.   But as those of your nation watch from a distance, they will not see the weapon of mass destruction/annihilation until it erupts over your nation producing devastation never experienced on the planet.   Those who have been listening will hear.  Those who have been watching will see.  Those who have been readied are expecting and waiting….”

More, at “The Sheep and the Goats” Message dated 01/18/2020 at this website.


A Divine Message - The War Drums Are Pounding !!! (01/10/2021

 A Devine Message - "Now is the Time to Ready Yourself ..." (12/30/2020)

 A Divine Message - "What Are You Willing to Lose, to Gain?" (12/05/2020)

 YouTube - “For Those Leaving the Wilderness", by Nate and Christie  (12/12/2020)


 A Divine Message of Hope and Love - "The Path of Deception" (11/09/2020)

A Divine Message of Hope and Love - "Thanksgiving 2020" (11/26/2020)

A Divine Message of Hope and Love - "One Thought Away" (10/08/2020)

 A Divine Message of Hope and Love - "The Great Storm is Coming" !!! (09/02/2020)

A Divine Message - His Answer to the World's Ways (06/06/2020)

A Divine Message of HOPE from His Heart to your Heart... (04/20/2020)

 A Divine Message - Today is For Living not Surviving !!!  (04/06/2020)

 A Divine Message of Hope and Love In These Difficult Times (03/20/2020)

YouTube - "The Prayer", Performed by the Martins (03/20/2020)

A Divine Message Of Truth, Love and Hope !!! (9/9/2019)


 "Taste and See" - Happy New Year 2021 !!! (01/06/2021)

 "To Break the Chains is to find Freedom !!!"  (12/11/2020)

YouTube - "O Holy Night", Performed by The Crosby's  (12/11/2020)

 "A House Divided Against Itself Shall Not Stand"  (11/23/2020)

 What About the Number 11 and 11/2020 ???  (11/05/2020)

 What's the Significance of 10/20/2020?  (10/24/2020)

Chastisement or Judgement? (10/08/2020)

"Ash, Ash and More Ash" is Coming !!! (09/25/2020)

The Awakening Is Coming !!! (10/9/2019)

"The New Day" - Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! (10/02/2020)

  Embracing Our Heavenly Home in these Difficult Times !!!  (08/16/2020)

Scripture Cards of Hope, Trust and Promise (free) (08/16/2020)  "The Time of Sorrows?" (07/08/2020)

(Time Sensitive) The Waves Of Difficulties and the "Remnant" !!!  (03/07/2020)

YouTube - "The Promise", Performed by The Martins, with Lyrics (03/09/2020)


Beware When "Hopelessness" Becomes Your Companion (07/30/2020)

YouTube - "The Warrior Is A Child", Performed by Twila Paris (08/02/2020)


 Compassion Warriors and Warriorettes "Integrity"(07/30/2020)

YouTube - "God Only Knows", Performed by KING & COUNTRY + Dolly Parton (07/19/2020)


Compassion Warriors and Warriorettes - "Training" (07/04/2020)

Compassion Warriors and Warriorettes - "Fortitude" (06/24/2020)

Compassion Warriors and Warriorettes - "Compassion" (01/02/2020)


"Brace For Impact - Part Two: "The Song" & the "New Day" (06/05/2020)

 BRACE FOR IMPACT! Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! (05/12/2020)

WHY? From the Perspective of the Creator and the Creation !!! (05/03/2020)

I Love the Cross and the Passover Messages and More !!! (04/17/2020)

YouTube - "The Lamb", by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Jun 4, 2017 (04/17/2020)

Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ !!! (04/11/2020)

YouTube - "The Easter Song", Performed by the late Keith Green (04/10/2020)

YouTube - "Then Came The Morning", Performed by Luke Garrett (04/10/2020)

 Seeking a Personal Relationship with our Heavenly Father !!!  (03/20/2020)

Fill up your  PANTRY  with God's Love, Truth and Overflowing Hope!!! (03/01/2020)

 How Does God Lead His People? (2/2/2020)

Breaking The Mindset Of The Swamp And Embracing The Vista !!! (1/20/2020)

The Sheep And The Goats !!! (01/18/2020)

A Christmas Message (11/28/2019)

YouTube - "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" Performed by Casting Crowns

Birthing Of A New Day (11/17/2019)

"Those Who Are Plotting To Attack Your Nation Are Ready" (Revised: 11/17/2019)

The Awakening Is Coming !!! (10/9/2019)

“My People Are Like Diamonds In The Rough” (10/21/2019)

“Welcome Home” (9/26/2019)

The Approaching Horses and God's Promise to His People: Remember the Sign - the Rainbow! (6/20/2019)

God is Love but also says He is a Jealous God !!! (7/21/2019)

There Are Many Steps To The Wilderness Journey!!! (7/14/2019)

“Transcending the Current and Reaching to Obtain the New” (8/26/2019)

The Truth Will Set You Free - John 8:32 (8/2/2019)

Face the Difficulties, Bloom, and Find Hope, Overflowing! (8/11/2019)

What Does This Have to Do With Preparing For a Crisis? (7/4/2019)

Hope, Treasure and Josiah: Crisis Brings Forth a New Day!

Wilderness Journey Final Exam, Graduation Day: We're Moving Forward - Don't Be Left Behind!!!


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The Wilderness Journey:  A Path to Overflowing Hope; the New Day

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